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Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale Makes a Great Outing for all Family Members

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

Blackbird Aircraft Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale is always an exciting place to visit and learn the history of the Blackbird Aircraft.

Explore the History of the Blackbird Aircraft Without Leaving Palmdale

Palmdale has its place in honoring the history of Blackbird aircraft during the Cold War. Visitors will learn about the aircraft on display and find an opportunity to honor those who have served our country. 

The Airpark is an annex to the Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards Airforce Base, and it complements the Museum's programming. To visit both the Museum and the Airpark, keep in mind the following-

  • The entity's goal is to educate the public on the research and evolution of flight in our nation.
  • More than 80 historic aircraft are on display for visitors to explore
  • Tours are limited, and you must check the website for scheduling and reservations. Guests must be five or older.

At SERVPRO, we honor the path of all who have furthered aviation and recognize that aircraft and other keepsakes tell our community's story. This is why whenever homeowners in our service area need water removal services to preserve their memories, we are ready to help. Only a specialized team like ours knows how to apply specialized drying techniques to restore your photographs, documents, and valuable memories.

Call our team at SERVPRO of Palmdale North at (661) 526-3649 when you need the best in the industry. We strive to leave your property, "Like it never even happened."

Blackbird Airpark en Palmdale es un Paseo Interesante para Toda la Familia

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

42 / 5000 Translation results Una vista de un avión en el Blackbird Airpark. A nuestro equipo de SERVPRO le encanta visitar el Blackbird Airpark.

Explore la Historia Aeronautica de los Blackbird sin Salir de Palmdale

Palmdale tiene un lugar en la historia de los aviones Blackbird y su importancia durante la Guerra Fría. Los que visitan el Blackbird Airpark aprenden sobre las distintas aeronaves en exhibición y encuentran la oportunidad de honrar la memoria de los que han servido a nuestro país.

El Airpark es un anexo del Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards Airforce Base, y complementa la programación del Museo. Para visitar tanto el Museo como el Airpark y profundizar sus conocimientos de aviación, tenga en cuenta lo siguiente:

  • El objetivo de la atracción es educar al público sobre los avances y evolución del vuelo en nuestra nación.
  • Más de 80 aviones retirados están en exhibición para que los visitantes los exploren
  • La entrada es limitada y debe consultar el sitio web para programar y reservar su espacio. Los visitantes deben ser mayor de cinco años para entrar a las instalaciones.

En SERVPRO, valoramos el camino de todos los que han promovido la aviación y reconocemos que los aviones y otros recuerdos cuentan la historia de nuestra comunidad. Es por eso que cuando los propietarios de viviendas en nuestra área necesitan servicios de remoción de agua para preservar sus recuerdos, estamos listos para ayudar. Solo un equipo especializado como el nuestro sabe cómo aplicar técnicas de secado especializadas para restaurar sus fotografías, documentos y valiosos recuerdos.

Llame a nuestro equipo de SERVPRO of Palmdale North al (661) 526-3649 cuando necesite a los mejores en la industria. Ya verá cómo nos esforzamos por dejar su propiedad como si nada hubiera sucedido. 

Antelope Center Residents Have Options Every Weekend

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

landscaped trees, flowers and fountain Our area hosts beautiful scenery. We enjoy taking advantage of the great outdoors. We look forward to seeing you when we are out and about.

Whether Looking for an Outdoor Activity or Staying Inside your Antelope Center Home, the Valley Offers Many Options 

The weather in Antelope Center lets us enjoy outdoor activities virtually year-round, which has been a privilege in 2020. We have entertainment options a short drive away from hiking in the national parks to enjoying a socially distanced beer tasting session. However, some of us crave the experience of going to the movies or watching a live show. Although health considerations may preclude us from gathering in a closed venue, the Lancaster Performing Arts Center brings us some options in November and December. In the upcoming months, you may be able to enjoy: 

  • Mrs. Doubtfire, starring Robin Williams, is showing in the Lancaster Municipal Stadium. The Friday night drive-in series is a great option to leave home while keeping with social-distancing guidelines. Other movies include Home Alone and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • On November 20-22, you can participate in Standemic, a virtual stand-up comedy competition available via zoom. 

Our staff of SERVPRO of Palmdale North is committed to keeping the community safe by following health recommendations and providing mold remediation services. We are available at (661) 526-3649 to help you with our expertise. In the meantime, you may see us enjoy these community offerings as 2020 comes to an end. Like you, we want our lives and our homes to feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Who Should a Palmdale Homeowner Call After They Suffer From a Disastrous Fire in Their House?

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged room covered in soot Restoring your home after fire damage is not something you can do alone. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and mitigation services.

When Disasters Strike Your Palmdale Property, You Can Call SERVPRO for Professional Fire Restoration Services

Nobody ever thinks it is going to happen. Still, hundreds, if not thousands of homeowners like you in and near Palmdale, suffer from the aftermath of an inferno igniting on their property. Everyone has heard the stories of freak accidents that can cause a threatening and devastating blaze to flare up when you are least expecting it.

What are the common causes of residential fires?

  • Cooking: When our SERVPRO technicians respond to calls regarding fire restoration in Palmdale, we find that cooking mishaps cause the most structural blazes than anything else.
  • Heating: Furnaces, fireplaces, space heaters, or other items that generate heat an also be the culprits of an inferno that inflames your contents and building materials.
  • Electrical / Lighting Equipment: Like anything else, a component of your building's electrical or lighting system can malfunction, and the short could cause items near the problem to heat up and burn.

How are the services SERVPRO can provide better than those of other professional restoration companies?

  • Super-Fast Responses Available at Any Time: We are always available to answer our phones. Many of our technicians are on-call and ready to respond to your residence promptly after you call, even if it is late at night or in the early hours of the morning.
  • Top-Notch Experience and Training: Our crew members go through the proper courses offered by the International Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IIRC) training program. We also have a vast amount of experience in the construction and restoration industry that sets us above other companies that offer similar services.
  • Technologically-Advanced Equipment: From the initial inspection phase to the final walk-through, we have a wide array of the industry's most sophisticated tools to tell us what we need to do to complete the best possible final result, to accomplish the goals we set out, and to verify that we achieved the highest quality results possible.

Don't let a devastating structural blaze completely ruin your day by calling SERVPRO of Palmdale North at (661) 526-3649.

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Is There a Mold Remediation Company that Homeowners Can Trust to Do the Work Without the Hype?

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

hand peeling back wallpaper exposing mold Choose a mold remediation company who can locate hidden colonies. Choose SERVPRO!

Commitment to Transparent Communication and Integrity is Why SERVPRO Delivers Mold Remediation in Palmdale with Confidence and Success 

If mold growth in your Palmdale home is scaring you, we want to help you understand household mold's reality and how it is best managed. Any mold removal company that claims to clear all the mold and spores out of your home is not truthful, as that type of control is available only in specialized circumstances -- usually laboratories and specific manufacturing sites. Maintaining a mold-free environment is not a reasonable goal because mold spores are everywhere, inside and outside. There are ways to manage the explosive growth of molds, which is why SERVPRO reaches out to educate and guide residential customers struggling with mold proliferation. 

What Is the Most Sustainable Method to Manage Residential Mold Growth? 

Simply put, to avoid the need for mold remediation in Palmdale is to eliminate moisture. Mold spores, when dry, drift unseen on air currents and settle on surfaces. When a spore absorbs moisture, it begins its life cycle, needing only oxygen and a bit of water to grow into large colonies. The window for mold to develop from spores already in a wet space is 24 to 48 hours. Avoiding mold growth is a primary reason we stress that water damage is mitigated and remediated fast, even in building cavities where it is often found deeply entrenched during a remodeling project or if staining or odors result in an investigation.  

What Is the Procedure If Mold Does Take Hold Inside Your Home? 

Note that we call our specialized mold experts mold remediators, not merely removers. The protocol we follow developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the industry standard and termed "remediation," why SERVPRO echoes the term. Our remediation services include: 

  • Locating the mold (we can arrange for expensive testing, but your observations and our experience usually leads us to the outbreak)
  • Containing the affected space by wrapping in 1.6 mil polyethylene and installing air scrubbers
  • Mechanically removing the mold with brushes and scrapers
  • Cutting out irremediable porous materials -- although many surfaces can be saved through innovations like soda and dry ice blasting, removing the visible growth and destroying the embedded hyphae
  • Vacuuming and wiping up residues before bagging and disposing of moldy materials as hazardous waste
  • Applying surface EPA-registered antimicrobials 

Honesty and a proven method that is the industry best practice is why SERVPRO of Palmdale North is a go-to for area residents contending with mold issues. Call (661) 526-3649 for a consultation.

What Response Can SERVPRO Provide My Palmdale Property After a Loss?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

An outline of an orange house with the word SERVPRO in the middle of the house in white. No matter the damage that finds its way into your home or business, SERVPRO crews have you covered Palmdale.

From fires and water losses to flooding and storm damage, our SERVPRO professionals stay prepared for the worst to protect your property and its occupants. 

Because of the severe weather that can affect the Palmdale area and other regions that we serve, we have restoration technicians available 24/7 for whatever emergency might arise. We strive to provide a comprehensive approach to restoration and recovery so that you spend less on returning your property to preloss condition. From water and fire losses to flood and storm damages, we have talented professionals available whenever you need it to begin both mitigation and repairs simultaneously. As a locally owned and operated facility, we can often reach damaged homes and businesses within hours of the first notice of loss.


Water damage can result from hundreds of different causes, making them among the most challenging restoration objectives for Palmdale homes. Among the most substantial obstacles that exist after these loss incidents is understanding the migration of water loss effects throughout the property. Surface moisture concerns are only part of the problem, and this is what makes DIY restoration hit and miss for homes in the area. Without addressing moisture concerns beyond the surface layers, conditions can persist to allow for structural deterioration and microbial threats.  

What Extraction Strategies Work Best? 

Among the first steps that must be taken when our team arrives at a water-damaged address is extraction. Standing water can be among the most destructive forces that your home faces because it can allow for absorption and penetration into exposed materials and contents. We have multiple tools that can help remove standing water from your Palmdale home or business, including:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Wet Vacuums
  • Carpet Wands
  • Weighted Extractors

What Must Happen to Dry Your Home? 

Drying is not as simple as it might sound for many Palmdale properties. Evaporative drying can often be quick for surface moisture concerns but becomes more challenging to address when damp pockets exist in structural cavities and under flooring. We have multiple specialty drying tools, such as positive pressure systems and floor mat drying systems, that can help reach these moisture pockets before they become more significant problems.


After a fire has taken place in your Palmdale property, it can be overwhelming to think of the steps necessary to return your property to preloss condition. Not only do emergency services and mitigation tasks begin as soon as possible, but they also have to occur under the terms set forth by your insurance provider issuing a damage claim on the property. We work closely with insurance adjusters to ensure that there are few delays in getting these essential restorative actions started.

What Are Emergency Services? 

Emergency services are tasks that often precede mitigation and even job scoping for your Palmdale home. These efforts focus mostly on our in-house contractors' talents to address structural concerns such as vulnerabilities in the roof and other openings in the house. Debris removal is also vital to reducing the concentrations of smoke residues, airborne contaminants, and harsh lingering odors during this phase.

What Is Expected During Mitigation and Restoration? 

There are many steps involved in returning your fire-damaged Palmdale home or business to its original condition. Each of the individual steps adds to multiple layers of loss effects that must get addressed to make the property safe once again. Understanding most of the mitigation and restoration tasks to come cannot be to appreciate your need for professional technicians. Some of these standard restorative steps include:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Soot Removal
  • Deodorization
  • Content Cleaning
  • Inventory Solutions


After a loss incident damages your Palmdale business, you have multiple concerns. These fire and water loss situations prevent your doors from being open to your customers, but it can also permanently damage the structure without the immediate response of competent professionals like our SERVPRO team. As a large loss recovery unit, we can pool our resources with other franchises to have nearly limitless equipment, personnel, and experience for substantial disasters that affect area businesses.

When Can Cleaning and Recovery Efforts Happen? 

One of the advantages of choosing our SERVPRO cleaning technicians for your Palmdale commercial property is our flexibility with scheduling. We understand that the ideal times for cleaning and restoring your property, even without a disaster, is after you have closed up shop for the day. We offer after-hours appointments to revitalize the look and feel of your facility to meet your high expectations.

How Can SERVPRO Provide Sanitary Workspaces?

Safe and sanitary spaces are more necessary than ever before in Palmdale homes and businesses. Many property owners have looked to our professional cleaning technicians for ongoing solutions to surface cleaning, disinfection, and providing sanitary environments for employees and customers. Our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program offers a comprehensive and intricate cleaning system involving:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Air Quality Control
  • Applying Disinfectant
  • Antibacterial Treatment


With our proximity to the West Coast, Palmdale is in a unique position to receive much of the same devastating weather that can affect areas like Malibu and Santa Monica when powerful storms make landfall. Our preparedness for these disasters ensures that we could provide our customers with real-time construction solutions and mitigation steps to protect their property as much as possible in a crisis.

How Can We Reach Properties Quickly? 

Every minute counts when storm losses exist in Palmdale. We could potentially deal with dozens or more Palmdale homes and businesses damaged simultaneously by powerful and violent weather events. Being ready to mobilize quickly can put boots on the ground to help as soon as possible, and this involves:

  • Pre-stocked READY Trailers
  • 24/7 Availability of Technicians
  • Staffed Emergency Lines
  • Centrally Located Facilities

What Must Happen to Remove Flood Damage? 

Flooding is often an unavoidable effect of storm loss situations, making it a substantial obstacle for restoration technicians like ours when we reach Palmdale homes. Water removal and extraction are critical in this earliest stage because we can reduce saturation and migration of floodwater through the application of submersible pumps, carpet wands, and wet vacuums.

No matter what disasters impact your property, our SERVPRO of Palmdale North team is always ready and able to help with efficient and effective restoration solutions. Call us today at (661) 526-3649.

Why Is Professional Water Removal and Associated Services in My Palmdale Home Essential to Its Structural Integrity?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO products on a shelf The SERVPRO water damage technicians utilize the best products available to restore your water damaged Palmdale home--"Like it never even happened."

The Full-Spectrum of Services Needed Before and After Water Removal is Why SERVPRO Begins with an Expert Assessment and Concludes with Necessary Rebuilding of Your Palmdale Home

When water invades your Palmdale abode, everything is in disarray. Floors are slippery, and carpeting is wet, sometimes on several levels, if the water invaded from above. Walls can bow out, and ceilings can bulge if water hides inside building cavities. The water sources can be broken plumbing or appliances, improperly installed or maintained tubs and other fixtures, or broken down gutters and downspouts. A prompt and comprehensive response is critical because water begins its damage to building materials and contents within minutes. The harm can expand to secondary concerns like mold damage if neglected for even a day or two.

Are Disaster Restoration Firms All the Same? How Can I Decide Which Company Offers What I Really Need?

Insist that the firm you hire for Palmdale water removal is fully certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The premier level of expertise the IICRC develops in firms committed to training their workers in international standards for mitigation, remediation, and restoration is why we choose this educational route for our team. Every underlying standard mastered is based on science, demonstrated by the successful outcomes our trained and certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) deliver.

Can You Share Examples of the Difference Highly Trained Technicians Make?

An incredibly challenging component of successful water removal is the understanding of the tendency of moisture to migrate. You might believe the water plaguing your home is not a current problem because it is no longer visible to the naked eye. Development of skill in locating seemingly "disappeared" water is why SERVPRO is sold on the training and experience we cultivate for our workers. Water seeps into cracks and crevices, and wicks into highly permeable materials like drywall and insulation. Without tracing and tracking of the fluids, damage accelerates. This leads to significant issues such as:

  • Swelling, weakening, and distortion of wooden supports, including framing and subfloors
  • Cupping and crowning, and occasional buckling, of hardwood
  • Corrosion of metal clasps, nails, screws, and other fasteners, threatening the integrity of the structure
  • Packing down and loss of R factor in insulation
  • Crumbling of building materials used in walls and ceilings
  • Regeneration of mold spores leading to multiplication of mold colonies

How Do IICRC-Trained Technicians Locate the Water for Removal?

A visual inspection offers the following clues:

  • Distortion of ceilings and walls
  • Blistered-looking paint and loose wallpaper
  • Wavy planks or strips of hardwood
  • Broken or dislodged ceramic tiles
  • Sticking drawers and doors in cabinets

We are also on alert if we smell wet wood or a musty scent that often signals mold growth.

What Other Techniques Are Used Beyond the "Senses?"

Although an experienced crew chief or member can locate many wet areas, water can hide deep inside cavities in your home. To sketch out the perimeter of water incursion and measure the absorption levels, our certified workers employ moisture detectors and meters, as well as infrared imaging cameras.

Now That the Water Is Found, How Do Professionals Remove It from a Structure?

Trapped water requires adaptations to the typical pump, extract, and dry protocols. Our firm's construction division comes to the rescue by assisting with strategic, controlled demolition to release the water and open spaces for more efficient drying. Some or all of the following help us in the goal of eradicating liquid water before moving on to drying out the wet areas:

  • Holes drilled or punched into drywall or ceiling tiles
  • Prying off of beadboard or baseboards to cut holes or slots
  • Sawing "flood cuts" that remove stud to stud portions of wall materials a few inches above the waterline

Got Holes? Can I Rely on the Construction Crew to Build Back?  

We appreciate the opportunity to reduce your stress by managing any repairs, materials replacement, and rehabbing to return your dwelling to "Like it never even happened." Our mission to provide wrap-around restoration services is why we promote the use of our construction workers at various points in the water removal project. Avoid becoming your own general contractor by using our streamlined system that resolves all water removal issues through our full-spectrum and service team of talented technicians.

Our goal is to develop restoration crews who are among the most highly qualified in the industry. This is why SERVPRO of Palmdale North earns the respect and confidence of our residential customers. Call (661) 526-3649 for turnkey water removal and restoration services from our multi-talented and certified team.

Contractor Licenses:

General: 466729

CSLB: 466729

Residential: 466729

Commercial: 466729