Recent Before & After Photos

Restroom and a Leaking Roof in Palmdale

Fortunately, the stall in this Palmdale restroom was not occupied when the drop-ceiling acoustical tiles gave way and fell to the floor. This material readily a... READ MORE

Flooding Affects Interiors of Palmdale Structure

The groundwater that entered this Palmdale home after a flash flood soaked the carpet in several rooms and wicked into the wallboards. The Before Photo shows on... READ MORE

Fire and Soot in a Palmdale Bathroom

The poorly placed hot curling iron ignited the nearby towel and cosmetics resulting in the sooty mess depicted in this Palmdale bathroom. The SERVPRO FSRT fire ... READ MORE

Watered-Down Game Room in Palmdale

The transplanted New Yorkers we unhappy with the game room in their new house in Palmdale when a water leak created havoc. Fortunately, he was aware of SERVPRO,... READ MORE

SERVPRO and Mold Remediation in Palmdale

Not all restoration companies are licensed and experienced in the proper removal of mold. SERVPRO, backed by a team with AMRT applied microbial remediation tech... READ MORE

Water Damage Project in Palmdale

The broken water line flooded this kitchen in a Palmdale home while the residents were off on vacation. Upon returning to a soaked floor and water-logged cabine... READ MORE

Biohazardous Cleanup in a Palmdale Restroom

When a toilet backs up in a commercial building catering to foot traffic, fast action must be taken to minimize the threat of biohazardous risks. The SERVPRO cr... READ MORE

Flash Flooding Devastation in Palmdale

When a flash flood flows into a lower-level subbasement in a Palmdale structure, the damage can be quite devastating. The contaminated water soaked the insulati... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Palmdale

The heavy rains soaked the grounds in this Palmdale structure. The septic tank backed up into the commodes and covered the floor with biohazardous waste materia... READ MORE

Palmdale Plumbing Leak and More

The copper lines corroded at the couplings and dripped water over sufficient time to damage the building materials and even grow mold. The carpet, drywall, and ... READ MORE