Storm Damage Photo Gallery

flood cuts on walls showing framing

Palmdale Storm Damage Demolition

Flood cuts remove contaminated wallboard and also provides access to voids for drying from the floodwater. Our team strives to minimize the deconstruction in this Palmdale area home. Customers are pleased with a rapid turn-around.

mold and holes in a wall by a/c unit

Palmdale Storm Damage and Mold

The sudden storm drenched the exterior of this Palmdale house and damaged the walls. Abandoned for some time, the mold growth increased the storm damage. SERVPRO can remove and replace the damaged area.

blinds, peeled back batten on cinder block wall

Stormwater Ruins a Palmdale Wall

The groundwater that flooded this home in Palmdale soaked into the carpet and walls. The flooring material has been removed by SERVPRO, and the ruined insulation has been peeled back to reveal the cinder block exterior wall. We can fix this flooded property.

poly sheeting covering a wall in a commercial building, tiled floor

Palmdale Drying Post Flood

This Palmdale commercial building received rapid floodwater removal from our SERVPRO technicians. The tile floor and walls have been dried and disinfected. The polyethylene sheeting helped to reduce the treatable area, thus increasing the rate of drying. Count on us to get it done.

Muddy muck inches deep in a driveway, orange hose going inside

Palmdale Muck from a Flash Flood

Our SERVPRO crew is working inside this Palmdale house and are preparing to pressure clean the driveway. Once the residence is cleaned and dried, we can apply a second dose of a disinfectant to eliminate lingering biohazardous elements.

removed portion of damaged ceiling

Palmdale Wind Storm Damage

Severe winds can seasonally rock buildings in the Palmdale area of California. Damage can be caused by rapidly circulating air and by rainwater. SERVPRO can dispatch a crew to tarp the storm-damaged roof, and then begin the cleanup.