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Water Damage In Sun Village

You don't need to panic if your Sun Village home is damaged by a water disaster. Our crew has your back! You can reach our water damage professionals 24/7. Our ... READ MORE

Palmdale Fire Damaged Garage

This attached garage in a Palmdale residence suffered smoke damage when some stored petroleum products combusted. SERVPRO strongly recommends that volatile liqu... READ MORE

Flooding in a Palmdale Property

The burst pipe flooded the interior of this commercial property in Palmdale with several inches of clean water. Because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, our S... READ MORE

Microwave Oven and a Small Flareup in Palmdale

Homeowners often think that a small fire like this one in a microwave is a simple wipe and clean, and all is well. Then they realize that the cabinet finish in ... READ MORE

Palmdale and Water Cleanup

The washing machine, located in this Palmdale area kitchen, leaked and flooded the engineered hardwood flooring. These planks can be salvaged with rapid removal... READ MORE

Palmdale Kitchen Gets Sanitized After Accident

In a fast-moving Palmdale kitchen, SERVPRO techs arrived on site quickly and performed deep cleaning after an accident that exposed food prep surfaces to blood.... READ MORE

Palmdale Home with Water Damage Gets Fast Action from SERVPRO

A late-night phone call to clean up a Palmdale home with a massive amount of water damage from a broken supply line leading to a washing machine. Because there ... READ MORE

Flood Demolition and Build Back in Palmdale

The Before Photo shows SERVPRO equipment completing the drying step of this flood-damaged project in Palmdale. The wood floor and lower drywall panels, being no... READ MORE

Palmdale Fire Damaged Garage

The garage is often the zone in a Palmdale home that suffers the effects of a fire. Stored chemicals, paints, and petroleum products are flammable, and the exha... READ MORE

Hidden Water Damage Comes to Light in Palmdale

The homeowner in this Palmdale home brought in SERVPRO to clean up water damage that had been occurring for a period of time unseen. The issue from the supply l... READ MORE